Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Reviews

I know that posting videos is a pretty lazy way to to update a blog, but I just got a job so I'm pretty busy lately.  But I hope you'll forgive me because these reviews are pure hilarity and awesomeness.  All credits go to RedLetterMedia on youtube. 

Internet is being iffy right now so I can't embed the first videos for the Episode II and III reviews, so just search for them. 


  1. I just got a job too! Congrats!

    I disliked the prequels too. Fuckin' Lucas lost his marbles years ago.

    The internet is being iffy everywhere! Maybe they're testing the killswitch! D:

  2. All of his reviews are awesome. Too bad this is the short version, go to his web site and watch the whole things :)