Monday, January 24, 2011

Oh Bo

I keep listening to this lately.  I just think it's really catchy.  Used to really like Bo Burnham, but as he gets more popular, I find myself liking him a whole lot less.  I think it's because he used to just be a funny guy on youtube, and now he's a mini-celebrity, which means that everybody that knows about him goes "Oh my God, I love Bo Burnham!  He's so funny!"  It bugs me when people think they're cool for knowing about something/someone pretty much everyone else knows about.  The only thing worse, I think, is the dreaded one-upper.  Anyhoo, here's the video I was talking about:

And a classic of his, and my personal favorite:

Definitely his most clever song, in my opinion.

And as a side note, Blogger has a really cool way of adding youtube videos.  Don't even need to go to youtube to copy-paste the embed code.  sweet.


  1. Despite his stolen jokes and stolen style from Tim Minchin and whoever that guitar comedian was, he still comes up with clever puns. His most recent 2 studio songs are good, but his stand up blows hard.

  2. HAHA The square root of the NBA is Africa in a box. Nice! I'm gonna say the classic is way funnier with lots more real jokes then the first one.