Thursday, January 20, 2011

Screenshot Answers (Set 1)

Figured I may as well let you all know what these screenshots were from.  I'll also provide a few comments on each movie

1) Good Will Hunting
     - A surprisingly good movie considering Ben Affleck is in it.  I guess it's like Smokin' Aces that way.  Even though he's in the movie, hsi role is small enough and he plays it well enough that he can't ruin the movie.  Yes, I am still sore over Pearl Harbor, which is probably one of the most mismanaged movies in cinematic history.  But anyways, if you haven't seen it yet, I strongly recommend watching it.

2) Little Miss Sunshine
     - I really enjoy the cast in this movie.  I really enjoy the story.  And I just really like the movie.  I can't quite put my finger on why, but this movie is just really likable. 

3) Army of Darkness
     - Cult classic starring none other than the mighty Bruce Campbell.  So good that I think I'll watch it after I finish this post.

4) Joint Security Area
     - Korean film that, like all Korean films, leans towards the melodramatic side, but still a fantastic movie nonetheless.  Does a great job of exploring an unexpected friendship and holds your attention as the movie unveils the details of an eventful night on the DMZ.

5) The Big Lebowski
     - Another cult classic that spawned an annual gathering and screening of the movie.  Definitely check this one out if you haven't seen it.  It's like Office Space in that if you quote the movie, any fan will instantly know what you're talking about. 

6) Hackers
     - Eh, watch it or don't.  I personally like it, but I think it's more for nostalgic reasons.

7) Hancock
     - I really really wanted to like this movie.  Will Smith is just too damn affable.  But, frankly, the movie blows.  If it wasn't trying to be serious, maybe it could be forgiven, but the fact is that the movie actually tries to take itself seriously... and fails.  There are definitely some good aspects such as Hancock coming into his own as a superhero, but the flaws outweigh the good parts.  The movie just gets pretty ridiculous and doesn't make any damn sense in terms of multiple character interactions.  What specifically comes to mind are the uneven way the rules of immortals being together are applied and the sheer stupidity of the prison inmates attacking Hancock... who they know is invincible.  Give it a shot, but don't expect too much.

8) Lawrence of Arabia
     - Classic film that I really had to acclimate to.  As a 14 year old, it was a real pain to get through the grueling run time, but it was absolutely worth it.  But now, it stands out as one of my favorite movies and I try to watch it every so often. Absolutely epic and opened the door for me to movies such as Ben-Hur, The Maltese Falcon, Seven Samurai etc.  Once I saw one good classic, I got into all of them. 

9) To Kill A Mockingbird
     - Don't remember what really happens other than what I remember from the book.  As an aside, I read an interesting online article about how the novel is hailed as a beacon of anti-racism, but really just serves to reinforce common tropes and stereotypes, while acting as a white guilt fantasy.  Examples include the inability of the African American citizens to fight for themselves and the brave way Atticus stood up for Tom.  Apparently, there is not a single recorded incidence of such a defense.  Something I'll keep in mind during my next viewing.  

10) Princess Bride
     - This one seems to be a favorite of nearly everyone I know who has watched it.  I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, but it's not really a favorite of mine.  Check it out for yourself.

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